7 Clever Ways To Sneak In Exercise

Going to the gym daily just isn’t realistic for everyone. But that’s not an excuse to skip exercising all together. While these tips won’t replace a good exercise routine, they can help people Sneak In Exercise without realizing it.

Park Farther away

This is a great way to walk more without really trying. Make time for an extra couple minutes to walk to your destination and you won’t have to stress over getting a close parking spot either.

Take the stairs

Stairs not only are a great way to sneak in some cardio but also help tone up your butt and legs too!

Workout while you watch tv

This is something I try to do every time I watch TV. You can get a whole body workout without really realizing it. Grab some dumbbells and a exercise mat and leave them by the TV somewhere to help remind you. This is a great time to fit in an ab or booty workout!

Workout while you brush your teeth

I mean you have nothing else to do but stand there anyways. Might as well do some squats and lunges to get your heart rate up and tone that booty!

Use a stability ball instead of a chair

If you have a job where you sit all day then this tip would be great for you. This is something I have been doing for years and I even prefer my stability ball over an office chair now. You get used to it after a while and its much more comfortable than a office chair in my opinion. It also helps you use your core muscles more and helps you improve your posture.

Flex while your in traffic

If you’re a commuter then I’m sure you’ve experienced a fair share of traffic. Unfortunately traffic is unavoidable sometimes but you don’t have to let the time go to waste. You can use the waiting time to flex muscles like your core. Flex for a a minimum of 30 seconds at a time and then repeat. Easy way to engage your core without really trying!

Make a mini exercise routineĀ 

Another great way to sneak in exercise is just by making it a habit. You don’t have to have an hour long routine for it to be effective. Just make time in the morning or night for a mini minute workout. I like to do a little workout before I get into the shower in the morning.

The exercises I usually do for one minute each…..


Alternating step ups on a stepper platform.

(If you don’t have one of these just jog in place for a minute to get you warmed up.)

Alternating lunges


Wall sits


Triceps dips

Push ups

This is just a mini full body workout to get your heart rate going and should not be used to replace a regular exercise routine. But some exercise is better than none!

Leave a comment below and tell me how you sneak in exercise in your daily life.

Thanks for reading!


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