DIY Fall Centerpiece

Fall is officially here!  Which means it’s time to do some re-decorating.  One of my favorite ways to decorate is with a fall centerpiece. I love all things metallic so obviously I couldn’t resist picking up these leaves and pine cones when I saw them at Hobby Lobby. I paired them with some cute little pumpkins I purchased from Target and ended up making this fall centerpiece.

Items Needed

3 grapevine wreaths (Dollar store & Hobby Lobby)

3 Glass Cylinder Vases (Dollar Store)

Metallic Leafs (Hobby Lobby)

Gold Pine Cones (Hobby Lobby)

White Pumpkins (Target)

Tinsel stems

Step 1: Lay Out the grapevine wreaths and attach them with tinsel stems. This part is not necessary but it will help keep the fall centerpiece together so you can move it around easier.

Step 2: Cut down the stems on the leafs and start sticking them on the wreath. The leaves I purchased at Hobby Lobby and they came on stems clustered together. Each stem has about 4-5 leaves on it. I just poked them into the wreath but if you want a more permanent look then hot gluing them on would work too. I put 4 stems on each of the side wreaths and 5 stems on the middle one because it is a little bigger.

Step 3: Add some gold pine cones wherever it looks bare.  Put a glass vase inside each wreath and add the pumpkins.  ( In place of the pumpkins you could also add a nice color coordinating candle. )

Here is the finished look for this beautiful Fall Centerpiece

That’s it! This was really easy to make and pretty affordable. All the leaf stems were 40 percent off at Hobby Lobby so they came out to be a little over a dollar each. If you have any questions just comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!


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