DIY Halloween Wreath

 Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I love how the dollar store offers such a wide range of festive decorations. I can get everything I need to make a cool DIY decoration at an affordable price.  If your interested in how I made this Dollar Store Halloween wreath then just keep reading!

Materials Needed

Wire Cutters

5- Black Branches

2- Purple Branches

2- Orange Branches

             Here are the exact branches I used

15- Black Roses

(They come in packs of 4 or 5 at the Dollar store)

 Light Up Owl

Tinsel Stems

Tulle Ribbon

10 in. Wreath Form



First things first, grab your wreath and wrap some tulle ribbon around it. I just did this to help cover up the actual wreath form but you could always paint it too.


Once you have your form ready you can start adding the branches first.  All I did to add the branches was take tinsel stems and basically tie the branch onto the wreath.

So basically this is how it will look. I know it looks a little messy but don’t worry it will work out. The roses will cover the stems in the front and the purple stems showing in the back wont matter because no one will see them anyway. You could also hot glue the branches on to really secure them.

Here is how it looks once all the branches are on.

Now all you need to do is cut the rose’s stems off and glue the bottom part of the rose directly onto the wreath. Once you finish gluing the roses on you can then hot glue the skull or owl in the center.

Here is the finished look with the skull.

Here is how it looks with an owl!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it easy to follow. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!




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