DIY Hobby Lobby Christmas Wreath

Add a touch of glam to the front door this holiday season with a sparkly DIY Christmas wreath!  Super easy to make and all the materials needed can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. I was actually inspired to make this wreath after seeing a similar one in Hobby Lobby. The premade wreath was pretty expensive and not the color I wanted so I decided to make my own version.

Items Needed

Wreath Form

 Silver Tulle

Silver Tinsel Stems

10 Silver Branches

Red Pine Cones

Step 1: First grab the wreath form and then wrap the tulle around it. This part is optional but it gives the wreath a more put together look. Without the tulle the grapevine wreath would really stand out underneath the silver branches.



Step 2: Cut the stems off of the branches and lay them on the wreath. Once you’ve decided how you want the wreath to look just start applying the branches to the wreath. These were applied by twisting tinsel stems around the wreath and branch to secure it in place.




Step 3: Continue to apply the branches until the desired look is reached. I used 7 full branches to cover the wreath, then cut up another branch and glued it in places that looked bare.



Step 4: Finally some color was added by placing 3 clusters of red pine cones in the middle of the wreath.



Another version with red flowers…..



This wreath was super easy and inexpensive to make. All of the silver branches were 40 percent off at Hobby Lobby and the wreath and tulle were only a couple dollars each.

Hope you found this Christmas Wreath tutorial helpful.

Thanks for reading!





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