Most Clever DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s finally time to start decorating for Halloween! How fun is it to fill your house with cute spooky decor. But store bought Halloween decorations can get expensive so here is a list of easy and inexpensive DIY projects you can make at home without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Cloth Ghost

These are such a cute and easy way to add to your Halloween display! Plus they are perfect if you’re not into super scary decorations or just don’t want to scare your kids!


Skull Candle Holder

This is so clever and inexpensive! This would look perfect on your dining room table or mantel!


Skull Wreath

These skull heads you can find at the dollar store and the eyes even light up! Your trick or treaters are sure to love this addition!


Blood Candles

Found at Lily’s Shop

This is such a neat idea and its super easy too! All you need are a couple candles and a lighter. Perfect for a spooky dining table centerpiece.


Glowing Ghosts

These are perfect for a kids Halloween party and they are super easy to make too! All you need are some glow sticks, balloons, and a sharpie.


Ping Pong Ghost Light

These are so adorable and kid friendly! It gives off a nice Halloween vibe without being too scary!


Witch Broom

These are so pretty and a perfect addition to a front porch Halloween display!



Found on eHow

These are cool for the front yard and are totally customizable if you want to take a different approach on the wording!


Witch Doormat


Found on

I love this simple witch doormat! It’s easy to make and a great addition to a witched themed front porch!


Spell Books

These spell books are so magical! They are inexpensive and a great way to re-purpose used books!


Floating Candles

These are a must try for all Harry Potter fans! They are relatively simple to make and will have you feeling like a wizard once you display them!


Jack O Lantern Jars

These look awesome and would be a great way to light up your porch on Halloween night!


Hanging Ghosts

If you want an alternative to expensive store bought ghosts then this diy is definitely for you!


Milk Jugs

Found on Eighteen 25

Want to know how to re-purpose your milk jugs? Check out this cute diy Halloween milk jug craft. Your kids will love it too!


Ravens Waiting

Looking for decorations to hang from the ceiling? This is a great diy for spooky hanging ravens!


Spooky Skeleton

Want a spooky way to decorate your end tables or a way to light up your yard on Halloween night? Check this spooky DIY out!


I hope this list left you feeling inspired and ready to decorate this year! These are perfect for people short on time or for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on traditional store bought Halloween decorations. In fact, most of the items needed for these DIY’s can be purchased at the dollar store. Hope you all have a boo-tiful Halloween!


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